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Saleen's Outdoor Cake-smash

Leen, who is family and near and dear to my heart, had a vision for her Saleen's cakes-mash and set up the entire Theme.

The only thing I've brought with me was the Tepee tent and my gear.

The oversized balloon, headband, and outfit are from Amazon.

Hobby Lobby for the win when it came to all of the decorations. YAY Hobby Lobby

And the 6 inch round cake was from Publix...of course, Leen removed all of the decorations and made it her own.

I am considering hiring her for future setups. What do you guys think?

The Cake-smash was not what her Momma imagined it to be, but we love those cutie crying photos too.

Knowing Leen, she will probably share these at her daughter's wedding. Ha!

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