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Newborn Family Session

Newborn family sessions hold a special place in my heart—they're some of my absolute favorites to work on! It's a time to capture those precious early moments, tell a beautiful story through pictures, and give parents a well-deserved break to be spontaneous and connect with their newborn (and children).

One of the most rewarding parts for me is getting my "newborn fix"! There's something so magical about witnessing the love and joy that fills a family when a new baby arrives.

Every family has a unique story, and Brittany's is truly special. Despite being told they couldn't have kids naturally, Brittany and her husband chose to adopt two beautiful children, Natalie and Nathan. Just when they were ready to expand their family further through adoption, Brittany received the incredible news—she was pregnant! It's stories like theirs that remind us of the beauty and unpredictability of life's journey.

newborn in blanket picture
Introducing Baby Issac

mom and newborn

sibling photo
Sibling Love is matched!

newborn baby holding hands

We had Issac pose as a Mechanic, a nod to his dad's profession. Turned out so cute!!

newborn poses as mechanic

baby with plush toy

I mean, come on!!!

sleeping baby

baby with clouds and stars
A true Miracle


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