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Kelsey's Senior Photoshoot

I met Kelsey and her family through my work with when I visited her little sister Berkeley at our local children's hospital.

Kelsey is the oldest out of four girls, now, four girls and a boy.

The newest addition

Here is their newest, cutest addition, Beckett.

Berkeley was born with a serious congenital heart defect. She fought so very hard, for a very long time, until she grew tired and earned her wings.

Kelsey was at the time old enough to understand what was going on and how sick her little sister was.

She kept mostly to herself during our visit, monitoring her mothers every move. She often asked her mother if she needed any help, or if she could bring her anything. Taking over her second youngest sisters needs to make sure her mother could attend to Berkeley.

She acted much older than her age. I could feel the love and compassion she has for her family.

I remember thinking what a beautiful young soul she is.

Through 'World Of Broken Hearts' i have met the most amazing families. I love getting to know them better and keeping in touch with them. And sometimes, I am lucky enough to be asked to photograph them outside of the hospital walls.

There is truly no bigger honor than this.

Thank you for choosing me to take your senior portraits, Kelsey, and for traveling three hours to come and see me.

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